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Ossinsky & Cathcart, P.A. was formed in January 1999, by the merger of the practices of Marc P. Ossinsky and Christopher C. Cathcart.

As a result of this merger, the firm has a wide range of experience in the areas of commercial litigation, business and real estate transactions, business and real estate litigation, probate, estates, guardianships, wills, business collections, corporate and contract issues. We also have significant experience with commercial torts (such as fraud both defense or prosecution of a fraud claim). The firm also prides itself on its connections in the business community among other professionals. We want to assist the individual or corporate client in making sure that each client has a complete team of able professionals to assist in the smooth and successful evolution of a particular client’s business.

We firmly believe a good lawyer is a vital component in a client’s business team of professionals. Our firm can assist you with your business and real estate needs, and if we can't handle your particular situation, we will refer you to a professional who can.

The firm strives to deliver the best possible legal services available for a reasonable price. Our firm spends significant resources to keep up with changing technologies so as to maximize productivity and deliver top quality service at a value to our clients.



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